True Accountability

Our goal through all of the following policy points is to allow student the opportunity to truly hold SGA accountable and make SGA an open and accessible environment for all students to have their opinions heard and make sure that all branches of SGA are truly and accurately representing to the administration the desires of the entire student body. 

        The representatives of the students in the House of Delegates should also have full knowledge in their responsibilities and the various avenues to which they can represent the student body. Communication between the delegates and the students should be direct and easily available. We want to streamline the delegates’ votes and proposals of legislation for students to review. The represented students will be able to access a database, which will hold the voting record and proposals of their delegate. We also want to see the full implementation of the Bean/Porter rules for the House of Delegates. Students will also have the opportunity to attend localized town hall meetings. These town halls will be set up with a panel of delegates eager to hear and acknowledge student’s ideas and concerns for the campus. Student will also be able to attend an Accountability Hour with the SGA Executive Branch that will be held every two weeks.

       The Vote Tracker will be available for students to view their delegate’s activity in SGA, and will work in conjunction with the current legislation tracker. SGA will hold a voting record through Top Hat and any legislation proposed by the delegate. The delegate’s email will be attached as well, which will give the students an instant and easy form of communication. In each committee meeting, electronic voting will be conducted via Top Hat. This will allow for the most precise method of voting and will be directly transferred to the voting tracker posted on the SGA website. The legislation tracker will document what SGA or the administration has decided in regard to any particular legislation and will be regularly updated.

       The Bean/Porter rules, through math formulas, evenly splits the campus housing and commuters into districts and then assign delegates to those districts based on where the delegates live. These rules are currently being implemented, but we want to ensure that they are fully enacted and continue to be made more effective so that both students and delegates have a clear understand of who represents them and who they represent early on in the semester.

       Localized town halls will offer comfortable and convenient environments for students to discuss change on campus with their representative. These meetings will consist of representatives from similar districts in a panel format. The town halls will meet frequently to give students ample opportunity to communicate with their delegates. The delegates of each district must coordinate and conduct these town meetings to receiver CSER credit.    

       The Accountability Hour will be an opportunity for all students to come and directly access the Executive Branch of SGA. These Accountability hours will be held every other week to give students ample options to access SGA. A representative from each Department within the executive branch will be present to answer any questions or address and listen to any problem and concern that students may have.  


Relevant Reform

Our goal is to see reasonable changes and reforms to the Liberty Way while still preserving and respecting the core values and principles that make this University the incredible institution that it is.

            Any legislation that goes through the legislative branch to the executive branch regarding the Liberty Way will be signed and brought before the administration if they meet the following two qualifications:

1.        Makes the Liberty Way easier to enforce.

2.        Allows students to have a clearer understanding of what is expected of them under the Liberty Way.  

We will seek to help institute reforms that do not overthrow the gospel focused mission of LU nor damage the image of Liberty University or its student body. An environment functions better when everyone knows what is expected of them and has a clear understanding of the guidelines. Having clear and distinct guidelines also makes the margin for discrimination and prejudice much smaller, creating a fairer system for all.


Clubs Done Right

Our goal is work with clubs, not manage them. We want to ensure that clubs have access to the resources within SGA to help them be as successful as they can be. We will also work to ensure that SGA has a singular and consistent message when communicating with clubs, making life for clubs easier and simpler.

       We will create a Club’s Council, on which a member of every club on campus will sit and have direct access to the Student Body President and Vice President. This Club’s Council will meet regularly so that Club Leadership can openly ask questions and make there concerns known to SGA and allows clubs to sit with us, as we work together to make sure that students have amply access to find their area of interest in which they can thrive.

       We will also create a more detailed club’s directory on the SGA clubs page with a short bio of each club. This detailed directory will allow students to have a better understanding of the activities clubs host, as well as what their mission and goal is, instead of simply seeing the name of the club and the club president’s email as it is now.

       When it comes to club funding we will walk with clubs, step by step, through the funding process. Ensuring that there is a clear communication about how SGA can help them when it comes to funding. We will also make the events and marketing department of the SGA Executive Branch fully available for clubs to utilize in planning, organizing and promoting events.


A Christ-centered SGA

The AJ & Chris Campaign seeks to make Christian service and a Christian lifestyle the center of how SGA operates in all its functions.

To accomplish this, our campaign will seek to create an overall expansion to the new position of Christian Life Director (the current position of our Vice-Presidential candidate Chris Porter) and rebuild relations with OSD. 

The Christian Life Director will be nominated by the SGA President, as it was this year. Our goal is to have SGA and OSD work together to find a candidate who has the core ministerial competency to lead others in a Christ centered manner in SGA. The Christian Life Director will continue to work to break down barriers, rebuild relations, and make gospel centered ethics and motivations show in all SGA’s daily operations. 

The Christian Life Director is also responsible for maintaining the Church Directory, a list of churches in the Lynchburg area. This list was created by Chris in order to get students involved with the local Body of Christ, grow in their walk with Christ and impacting the city of Lynchburg for the kingdom of God. All Churches on this list believe in the trinity and the human-divine nature of Christ. We are committed to keeping Liberty a Christian campus and we want give students resources that will help them spiritually, not harm them.

The Christian Life Director also looks to put on events for the student body that would benefit their walk with Christ, such as a Church Fair.

Finally, the Christian Life Director will continue to act as the chaplain within SGA to foster Christian community. This role is important for the culture within SGA, and helps to keep SGA accountable for its reputation as student leaders at the worlds largest Christian University.