AJ and Chris

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I grew up in Central Florida in the small city of Ocala, and I had the privilege of growing up in a close knit Christian family with a younger brother and sister. Here at Liberty I am a History Major with a minor in International Relations.

When I came to Liberty University, I turned to clubs to find those who shared my passions and ideas. During my years here, I have been involved as a member in 10 plus clubs, on leadership with five, started a Turning Point USA chapter, and am currently the President of the Liberty International Affairs Society.

I joined SGA to hold people accountable and be a part of the discussion on changes here at Liberty. While growing up, the value of honesty was instilled in me and my siblings at a young age, my parents would often say your word is all that you have, so don’t break it. I want to ensure that SGA is held accountable to its word and its responsibilities.





I was born and raised in Aurora, IL (about 40 minutes West of Chicago) with my twin sister Rachel, who is here at Liberty, and had the privilege of being homeschooled through high school. Here at LU, I am a double major, studying Philosophy and Government. When I came to LU my freshman year I had already decided that I wanted to be involved in the Student Government in some way. I have served as the Chairman of the Spiritual Affairs Committee in the House of Delegates and as SGA’s Director of Christian Life.

As the Spiritual Affairs Chair I helped lead my committee to passing exceptional legislation including a resolution that would create an on-campus church fair (which I am currently working on) and a resolution to give CGLs sexual assault and suicide prevention training, which was signed into effect by President Falwell.

My role as the Christian Life Director, a new position which President Johnson worked with me to create and by recommendation from the Speaker of the House, strives to find ways that SGA can engage with the student body as we walk in our faith together.

Just this semester my team and I finished our new Church Directory. A free resource we are making available to all students that gives detailed information about over 130 churches in the local area, helping everyone find a church they can call home