Enhancing Your Christian Life

As Christians we are called to be different, to stand apart from ‘the world’. As a school we should be the light on the hill (or mountain in our case). SGA, thus, is called to be different; it is called to exemplify what it means to be Christian leaders. Whether you know about SGA or not, the people in the House, Senate, Judicial, and Executive branch truly do exemplify that lifestyle. Yet, too often SGA represents itself as elitist, distant, and detached. My goal with the Christian Life Department, a new position that President Johnson and I created this semester, is to give SGA the opportunity to open itself up to the students on a personal and Christ centered level. Through the Christian Life position we will show students we care about their walk through resources like Church Finder we recently created; we will put on events that help us grow spiritually as a campus; and the Christian Life Director will be a chaplain to SGA to make sure that we represent Christ to the students, ourselves, and the world.


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